Dovid Krafchow

portraitSome people are destined, some for good and some for bad, but other people like myself are free radicals; we do not seem to fit anywhere but are needed everywhere. I see destiny all around me and I run at it like one runs at a mirror only to find myself. My obsession with destiny has defined my life, but I will not know what is true until it happens. I have studied all aspect of the Torah for forty years; I have morphed into a Hebrew scholar yet my autism prevents  me for remembering sounds therefore, though I can adroitly read Hebrew, I can not hear Hebrew and my pronunciation sucks.

Sometimes I feel like a cosmic joke but I do not believe I could have gotten where I have arrived nor understood what I have come to know if it had been any other way. God is a Jokerman. It seems like the only constant in my life is Bob Dylan. I live to hear his next record.

I began educating myself by reading classics while serving in the Navy during the Vietnam War. After returning to America in 1965, I hitchhiked 30,000 miles before finding my path five years later when I began my study of Torah. After marrying, I drove a truck in New York and then ran a print shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. While I began my study of the Torah in Brooklyn, New York, it was not until I moved to Sfat, Israel, the place from where the Cabala originated 500 year ago, that I was able to embrace this secret knowledge.

After returning to America, I became a Tarot card reader and won a First Amendment decision for the right to provide Tarot readings in Woodstock, New York. A few years later, I moved back to my roots in California where I fell ill. Uncertain of the time I had left, I began to write. I called it The Dance of the Pig, a cosmological and historical history of the last 266,455,777 years according to the Cabala. It took three years to write five books but with each book, my condition continued to improve until I was completely restored. Soon after, I made San Francisco my permanent residence to pursue my literary goals.

Living with autism has enabled me to gain an understanding of the mysterious self as well as recognition and insights into other areas, specifically the Cabala. It is my belief that autism is a manifestation of a more spiritual being; a perspective I have begun to explore in my writing.