The Feeling of Time Traveling

Everyone knows that relaxation and calming experiences are the key to inner peace. That is why so many people choose meditation. It is a time when you do not have to actively think about anything. You can lose yourself in the quietest parts of your mind. Some people say that to meditate is to feel weightless, like you are floating along, totally relaxed. What if there was a way to make it easier for you to have that feeling? Would you enjoy it if you could do something that would give you the feeling of time travel?

The Thrill of Traveling Through Time

TimeTravellingWhen you are able to travel through time, you experience the weightlessness of it. It may seem as though you are in one place one minute and standing in another the next. It doesn’t have to be an extreme jump through time. It could be something as simple as leaving your home and immediately ending up at work or at the store. It could be leaving work and instantly going home. When you time travel, there is no feeling of walking. You don’t have to deal with traffic. You arrive at your destination by floating on a cloud.

It Is Possible to Achieve the Feeling of Time Travel

Self Balance Mini SegwayIf time travel feels like you are floating through the air, the first step is to find something that will make you feel as though you are doing it. The easiest way to gain that feeling is to take a trip on an electric standing scooter. They often operate at approximately 10mph and all you have to do is stand on it. You lean slightly forward to go forward, back to go into reverse, and tilt to one side if you need to turn. During the times that you are going straight, you will feel the wind on your face. You have no traffic to deal with, no real thoughts that you must keep up with. You simply relax and enjoy the trip that you are taking, relaxing and freeing your mind as you go.

Will You Take Advantage of a Scooter?

MiniscooterHow much will you enjoy floating to work or home? Will it help you to unwind at the end of a hectic day? Will it give you time to free your mind of all the troubles that you must deal with on a daily basis? It could give you a chance to forget your troubles and leave them behind for a little while. It could help you sort through the issues and see the silver lining that is easily within your reach. Isn’t that the point of spirituality? If all it takes to feel as though you can travel through time and space is a scooter, isn’t it worth it? There are a lot of scooter options available. They all offer special features such as Bluetooth connections and remote control riding. You can arrive at your destination without walking, peddling, driving, or stressing. You can see these amazing machines by visiting here.