Creating A Tarot Card Table Top

Most people enjoy thinking that they are making the right decision in regards to their love life or their job. Everyone wants to know that they are making the right choices. The only way to know that is to be able to look into the future to see how things are going to turn out. The problem is, most people cannot do that, so they look to psychics and people who are able to perform Tarot Card readings. The problem for tarot card readers is creating an environment that looks like a place people can trust in, so creating a tarot card table top that is smooth enough to not damage the cards is very important.

Why Tables Matter

Tarot Card TableTarot cards that are being used often can become worn. The colors are meant to stand out because if you cannot see the pictures; you could give a wrong prediction. Beyond that, who wants to visit a reader that has cards that are already worn out? They may question reliability. As a reader, you can impress more clients if the table top is beautiful. Having a shiny table top that isn’t dinged and dented will look better than even a solid wood table top. Therefore, as a reader, you may want to either constantly get a new table or think of a creative way to create a new one.

Designing the Perfect Table Top

Clear Tarot TableImagine a table that features stars and sparkly things, or you can add colorful areas on a wooden table top and paint splattered stars to keep it simpler. You can give a table the mystic look that most people associate with tarot card readings and abilities. You can have the table blend in with the atmosphere that you attempt to create in the reading room. Even with lowered lights, your table can sparkle, and you can create virtually any embedded theme that you want to create using only clear epoxy resin.

Beginner Table

Ideas You May Enjoy

Epoxy is used to encapsulate items. This means you can create a table with little trinkets like small dragons or fairies inlayed into it. You can use plastic stars and moons, leaves, bright colors, and more on the table top and once you have put a coating of epoxy over it, it will be encased in the table top forever. The great thing is, you can use it to redo a refurbished, antique table that you fall in love with or use it as a way to give your old table a makeover. No one will ever know that it wasn’t some high-priced table that you purchased. If you do not want to put things in the tabletop, you can simply use colors. Splashes of purple, white, or pink with a little glitter thrown in will look great. You may also consider using a chrome paint to cover the table and then seal in the color. Either way, it will have depth and durability that most tables do not have and it will look great for many years to come.