Tips for Having a Great Day Everyday

Doesn’t it always seem like however you start your day out determines how the rest of the day goes? For example, if you oversleep in the morning making you late for work that just sets the mood for how the rest of the day is going to go. They say that is because the negative energy you put off from the get-go is sent out into the universe and that is what is attracted to you for the rest of the day. If you have read the book or watched the movie, The Secret, then you already know what I’m talking about: the Law of Attraction. Some people think this notion is silly, however, I feel like it makes perfect sense. If you are already angry or upset, chances are you aren’t going to be so friendly to those you encounter throughout the day which means you are more likely to be treated negatively in return. If you woke up and found a $20 bill in your pocket, you are likely to be in a cheerful state, therefore sending positive vibes and a happy demeanor to those around you. In return, you will likely have more positive encounters throughout the day. Smiling is contagious after all, right?

If this theory is true and you are in control of whether each day is going to be a good one or a bad one, why not make them all good ones? If you start each day out right with a positive attitude and you continue to send positive energy out into the universe, maybe every day can be a great one. Check out some of the following tips for starting every day out on the right foot, or waking up on the “right” side of the bed:

  • •Prepare for each day the evening before: pick out your clothes, iron them, pack your lunch, etc.
  • •Set your alarm to go off early and allow yourself time to snooze. For me there is nothing worse than oversleeping and having to jump out of bed and rush to get ready. Allow yourself time to stay in bed a little longer if you need those extra few minutes. You might also consider setting a back up alarm on a battery operated device for those unfortunate times when the power goes out in the middle of the night.
  • •Tack on an extra 15 minutes of “getting ready” time just in case something in your morning goes awry – you spill coffee on your shirt and have to change, you forgot to iron a certain blouse, or forgot to pack your lunch the night before. This will help to keep you on-time for work.
  • •Set your alarm to one of your favorite songs, particularly a cheerful song. Waking up to Natasha Bedingfield’s Pocket Full of Sunshine is likely to put you in a better mood than the world’s loudest and most annoying alarm tone.
  • •Shower in the morning. This is something I never used to do but I have found it to work wonders. I always preferred to shower at night and use those few extra minutes to sleep in longer in the mornings; however, taking a hot shower in the morning is really the best cup of coffee. It helps to wake you up and feel refreshed, ready to take on the day.
  • •Invest in a shower radio. Blaring some of your favorite jams or listening your favorite talk show in the mornings while you get ready will also help to wake you up and leave you with a positive attitude.
  • •Eat a little something for breakfast. You never know what the day ahead of you will behold. You might be slammed with work and have to skip your lunch and having an empty stomach can turn any great day into a bad one. Get a little something in your tummy while you have time and before you head out for the day. This will also give you that boost of fuel to get your day going.
  • •Exercise in the morning. This is one of the hardest things to do for most people, but this might be the very best thing you can do for yourself. “Exercising releases endorphins – endorphins make you happy”. This might be a line you’ve heard from Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, but it is actually 100% true. Exercise does release chemicals in your body that boost positive feelings, which is why exercise is a great treatment in the fight against depression. Starting your day off with a workout will not only wake you up and start your day with a positive outlook, but it will also make you feel accomplished first thing which will likely motivate you to tackle the rest of the day’s tasks ahead.

These are just a few examples of ways to ensure you start your day on a positive note that will likely carry with you through the rest of the day. Even in the event that you do wake up on the “wrong” side of the bed, or oversleep, don’t let those emotions bring you down and ruin the rest of your day. Focus on changing your attitude for the better and tell yourself that you can overcome that one thing and still have a great day. After all, the Law of Attraction leaves the control in your hands. It’s up to you to change how you feel.