Digital Media’s Impact on Our Life

Since the days of cavemen writing on stones, the world has loved reading the printed word. All it takes is a glance throughout history and you will see that every culture, every generation, and through all walks of life there have been people who would write about the world around them. It is a trend that we all have experienced to some extent. However, the things we are reading now, exceed every possible idea that those before us may have had and it is all due to the internet and increasing technology.

NatGeoHow the Internet Changed Reading

Most people still remember waiting for the day that their most favorite magazine would be put into the grocery store every month. They remember waiting daily to get their newspapers delivered so that they could keep up with what was going on in the world around them. However, now we have other ways to read the same content and we do owe it to technology.

People no longer have to rush to the store to get their favorite magazines. You simply download it to your favorite digital reading device. Newspapers are still printed, but most people leave them in the newspaper stands because they can read more through their home computers, smart phones, or tablets. Businesses send out less fliers per year and opt to target certain people with advertising that is specific to their desires. We owe it to the digital media that we have available today. It simply makes reading more exciting.

The Rise of Digital Media 

Digital media content has allowed writers to write and publish their work online. Their writing can include graphics, videos, and more. These things excite the reader and add more to the content that is available. It gives all readers a chance to feel more regarding the articles or stories that they may be reading.

It has also brought to life the Kawaii Emoticons that everyone loves. These simple graphics give more emotion to the typed word. They allow the writer to give a visual clue as to how they feel while writing. For instance, if the topic they are writing about making them sad, they may put in a teary emoticon to express their feelings. If the author is joking with his readers, he may be able to put funny emoticons at the end of his comment. This smiley may be a static face that does not move or it could be an animated smiley that depicts him busting out in laughter. Either way, his target audience will get a clear idea of what the writer is trying to express. If you still are confused about these characters check out a site like to get an idea of just how far these emoticons have come.


Where Will the Future of Digital Media Take Us?

It is difficult to determine at this time, where the future of digital media will take us. We already have tablets that can be used on an arm and TVs that double as tablets. The internet and the world are at our fingertips. Wherever digital media takes us, it will be something that is beyond what we can picture in our minds today.